Print Advertising

If you use print advertising as a tactic you know how important it is to start with a strategy and stick to it for successful results.  We can help you develop your strategy and interpret it with a creative execution that is compelling, relevant, and will inspire the reader to take the desired action. We have the production experience necessary to assure that publications receive materials that are compliant with their specific file formats, printing requirements and schedules.  And, we can also assist with your media planning and placement.

Internet Marketing Design
The web can be used as a powerful marketing communications tool. It continues to provide new opportunities for reaching your audience. With the technology advancing at impressive rates and all of the possibilities that exist, it’s important to practice fundamentals of good marketing communications. Visitors appreciate well crafted content that includes compelling copy, clean graphic design, simple navigation, professional art direction, and high quality illustration, photography, video and audio components.  Slipstream Creative Solutions will help you develop a professional looking and performing site that can turn visitors into valued customers.

Custom Website Content
Carefully crafted and customized for your specific audience. Our extensive experience with concept development, creative writing, art direction, and production knowledge enables us to deliver original copy, graphics, illustration, photography, video and audio that will help you communicate your brand’s unique story.

Logo Design/Corp Identity
Are you starting a new company, launching a new product, or updating an existing brand?  Revolutionary or evolutionary, the most visible component of your new brand is your logo and identity program.  Slipstream Creative Solutions can help you develop an identity that will successfully communicate your company’s brand to your customers, investors, employees, media, and other audiences.  We’ll guide you through the processes of strategy, concept development, design, and production to provide a solution that meets your company’s specific objectives. To assure consistent application of your identity we’ll provide a comprehensive graphic standards program. We think you’ll like what you see.

Package Design & POS
The right packaging design can help distinguish your brand from your competitors. It plays a significant role in influencing the consumer’s purchase decision.  Point of sale materials, including banners, shelf talkers, easel cards, display, cartons, etc. can also have a positive impact on sales.  We’ll put our extensive experience to work to help you develop package design and POS materials that will get your product noticed in the competitive store environment.

Slipstream Creative Solutions can help you produce your next corporate capabilities presentation, web video, interactive presentation, product demonstration or training video. From concept development and script, to storyboards, production, and post production/edit, we’ll work with you every step of the way to assure you get the result that engages your audience, communicates your message successfully, and conforms to your budget.

Sales & Capabilities Literature
Yes, we still believe in the power of print. At Slipstream Creative Solutions, printed literature gets as much of our professional attention as any other media. We understand that print can play a significant role in representing your company’s products or services.  Our extensive experience in this media enables us provide concept, copy, design and production that will effectively communicate your company’s capabilities, or the features and benefits of your company’s products or services. As important, our knowledge of prepress technology and network of capable lithographic and digital printing resources assures that you will get a well-crafted and cost effective product.

Mail/Email Promo
Traditional mail or email marketing. Either can be an efficient method of connecting with a specific audience – one on one. Mail and email enables you to test concepts, track activity, measure results and fine tune your campaign to maximize your return on investment. If you need a stand-alone promotion or multi-mailing campaign, traditional mail or email based, we’ll help you develop a program that can convert your prospects into valued customers.

Trade Show & Event Support
What do you need to make your next trade show or event a success?  When it comes to providing support for your show or event, Slipstream Creative Solutions has been over the road and back.  We’ll use our expertise to assist you with theme development, graphics, photography, multi-media presentations, pre-show mailing and post show follow-up.  Let us help you build traffic and make a great impression at your next show.