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New Brand Identity for MDW Solutions


Client: MDW Solutions
Project: New Logo/Identity

MDW Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of alternative table tops to the U.S. indoor, casual, and contract hospitality furniture industries. The new brand identity was designed to reflect the company’s extensive experience with traditional materials such as marble, travertine, slate, granite, etc. Product configuration ranges from basic slab to intricate mosaic designs. The new identity also had to be flexible enough to accommodate the company’s recent activity as a designer and producer of occasional furniture collections that incorporate both natural stone and alternative materials.

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Creating a New Brand Direction for a Successful Manufacturer


Client: Crown Plastics Co., Inc.
Project: Corporate Identity

Crown manufactures a number of high performance products utilizing Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. Most of their product is manufactured in sheets of varying size and thickness. A variety of industries, ranging from recreational for snowboards and snow skis to materials handling, specify Crown’s high abrasion resistant thermoplastic polymers.

Crown wanted to update their image by developing a new logo and identity program.
The original mark was in place long enough to establish equity with a number of customers and prospects.  SlipStream recommended an evolutionary approach that preserved some of the familiar features of a “crown“, while incorporating one of the products most unique characteristics of being very thin and flexible.

Additional program components included a graphic standards manual, new web site design, and updated sales literature.

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SlipStream Overhauls Blue Grass Brand & Package Labeling

Client: Blue Grass Quality Meats
Project: Brand and Package Labeling Upgrade

SlipStream recently completed a re-branding program for Blue Grass Quality Meats which included the development of the company’s new logo. The new logo in combination with newly designed package labeling presents a simpler format with increased brand name size and stronger brand legibility.

Redesigned package labeling incorporating the new logo was applied to over 65 of Blue Grass Quality Meats retail products. The updated approach more clearly communicates product standard of identity and provides greater legibility for product attributes, ingredients and other information.

Additionally, label size categories were consolidated and production specifications simplified to provide a more cost effective printing solution.

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Marketing “Thought For Food”


Client: Greater Cincinnati Independent Restaurants
Project: Branding

SlipStream is now working with the Greater Cincinnati Independent Restaurants providing marketing communications support for the organization. GCIR is a group of 25 Cincinnati area restaurants that are meeting a growing interest from customers to dine at independently owned restaurants featuring local fare. Initial work includes providing marketing communications support for a new customer loyalty program, promotion of the Restaurant Week events, and design of the “EatLocalCincy” logo.

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Jet Charter Broker Takes Off with New Branding Program

Client: Aethereal Aviation, LLC
Corporate Identity

Aethereal Aviation provides a high level of personalized service for their clients who charter aircraft for personal and business travel.  Their personal attention to detail is unique in the industry and provided the inspiration for the “signature” style logotype design.  The bird in flight symbol provides a departure from more literal aircraft symbols traditionally used by other air charter companies.

“Our customers are cultivated by maintaining trusted relationships and providing superior, uncompromising service through professionalism, promptness, and diligence. Our new branding program communicates that commitment at every level. We’re extremely pleased with the results.”

– Lynwood Anthony, President/CEO

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Growing a New Brand

Client: GoldRiver Orchards, Inc.
Project: Corporate Identity

GoldRiver Orchard’s processing plant and ranches are located near Oakdale in the Central Valley of California. Their walnut orchards span hundreds of fertile acres along the banks of the Stanislaus River.  With plenty of California sunshine and the foothills of the great Sierra Nevada Mountains off to the east, this beautiful setting provided the inspiration for the new logo design and identity program.

“SlipStream created our logo, they’ve been to our ranch during the harvest, and they created our beautiful retail packaging. They understand our business and the concept of brand-building. They have become the keeper of our GoldRiver Orchards brand.”

Don Barton, President – GoldRiver Orchards, Inc.

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New Logo for Fiber Optic Connectivity Products Company

Client: Conexus Technologies
Project: Logo/I.D. Program






Conexus Technologies provides precision, factory-terminated plug and play cable assemblies and physical connectivity products for the raised-floor data center environment.

The cable assemblies employ fiber optic technology and are offered in a wide range of fiber count pair count and connector type. Conexus also offers a variety of complementary products including distribution cabinetry, pathway systems and patch panels, and a broad range of professional services.

In addition to the primary logotype/symbol, the I.D. program included logotype design for five product sub brands and an additional symbol for their product test and validate guarantee plan. Creation of new sales literature and a new website design were coordinated with the launch of the new program.

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Branding an Antimicrobial Technology

Client: Covidien
Project: O3 Technology Icon Design

Ozone (O3) is the most powerful broad spectrum antimicrobial agents available. Using the technology is environmentally friendly, since its only by-product is oxygen. When Covidien (Mallinckrodt Tyco/Healthcare) wanted to draw attention to the fact that they apply this technology to their Lafayette  Barium products, we developed this logo. The mark was added to product labels and packaging and launched with a print and banner campaign.

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Logo Design Adds Luster to New Salon’s Image

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